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ABF Behavioral Health dedicated to the treatment of a wide variety of weight loss issues especially for patiens on phentermine pills. Our treatment model is effective to addiction cased by phentermine (more info about the drug can be found at doctorgreendispensary )

Anxiety and depression, which often accompany one another, are the most widely diagnosed behavioral health conditions in the world.

When chronic, they exhaust the body’s immune system and cause actual physical illness. Although related to environmental and other situational factors, chronic anxiety and depression are, infact, brain-baded problems.
Anxiety & Depression
Attention disorders such as ADD and AD/HD are among the most misunderstood issues with brain function. AD/HD is not a "disease", although it is considered a learning disability. Rid your child of ADD and ADHD. ADD / ADHD
Disorders of compulsion and craving are increasingly recognized as stemming from problems with the brain’s reward network. This network can be “reset” through safe and noninvasive methods. OCD & Craving /
Behavioral Disorders

About ABF Behavioral Health

ABF Behavioral Health is an extraordinary company dedicated to the treatment of a wide variety of mental health issues in both adults and children. We are a group that includes clinical neuropsychologists, mental health and rehabilitation professionals, and we provide services in these areas. More importantly, our cutting-edge and symptom-focused treatment modalities define an alternative approach to behavioral health interventions that is based on normalizing brain function, and is often more effective than both traditional counseling and medication-based therapies.

Our treatment model is noninvasive, safe and effective. Our assessment model is based on a combination of one-to-one diagnostic interview, brain mapping, and normative behavioral testing. Our treatment modalities include EEG biofeedback (sometimes called Neurofeedback), and only the latest 19-channel LORETA-based Z-Score EEG biofeedback methods. These may be combined with gentle stimulation of the brain using pEMF and transcranial Direct Current (tDCS) methods, peripheral biofeedback, photonic light stimulation, and others. These may in turn be combined with counseling and/or rehabilitation strategies as each case requires.

We are Board Certified by the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance. We have received advanced training and certification in neurotherapy and stimulation from many of the pioneers of the field, including Drs. Robert Thatcher and Nicholas Dogris, who developed many of the advances that made this important set of therapies possible. Our mission is to always evaluate and apply the latest yet safest, most effective and leading-edge techniques for normalizing brain function. In so doing, we provide lasting relief to our clients, allowing You to Become What You Want!