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Acquired Brain Injury / Stroke

Acquired Brain Injury: TBI & Stroke

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The letters TBI stand for “Traumatic Brain Injury,” now considered one of the most common unrecognized causes of mental and behavioral illness. A TBI can result from either a closed or an open (i.e. penetrating) head injury. The other type of acquired brain injury is non-traumatic brain injury, which includes damage to neural or mental functioning as a result of stroke, meningitis, anoxia or other insults to the nervous system not related to physical impact to the head.

The National Institute of Neurological Diseases and Stroke (NINDS) considers TBI America’s “Silent Epidemic”, affecting approximately two million Americans per year, at an estimated overall cost of between 35 and 70 billion dollars annually! Victims of both types of brain inury suffer symptoms ranging from headache and fatigue to impaired memory and reduced ability to concentrate and attend, through reduced capacity to process information, depression, aggression, anxiety, sleep disorder, and sexual dysfunction, among other problems.

It was long believed that little could be done to assist those who suffered from brain injury other than to make them comfortable and hope they get better on their own. Today we know this is patently untrue. ABF offers several proven treatments for brain injury that can result in greatly improved and/or restored functioning. And, like all our approaches, our treatments do not involve dangerous and expensive psychotropic medications with unpredictable and often serious side effects.

Because every case of brain injury is different, ABF begins with a thorough individual evaluation of each case using leading edge assessments that include quantitative EEG, neuropsychological testing and LENS brain maps. If you suspect you or someone you care for suffers from a brain injury, regardless of its cause, Call ABF to make an appointment for a comprehensive evaluation today.

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