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Treatments for Anxiety Disorders

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Closely related to Stress is Anxiety, a state of distress caused by the belief that, sooner or later, “something bad” is going to happen that you will not be able to handle. Anxiety can be experienced as short-term (acute) and/or long-term. When they interfere with one’s ability to function to a significant degree, both types of anxiety are considered a type of mental disorder. Milder types of anxiety may not qualify as a mental disorder, but can certainly prevent you from feeling happiness and peace with life.

Anxiety disorders include irrational fears and phobias, panic disorder (characterized by panic attacks), obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), social phobia, and post-traumtic stress disorder (PTSD). As with stress, the medications normally prescribed to treat anxiety can be ineffective and have dangerous side-effects.

ABF’s drug-free treatments for these conditions include a combination of bio- and neurofeedback, and various modalities of very mild non-invasive cranial stimulation. In addition, our cognitive-behavioral interventions help you overcome the irrational beliefs and perceptions that create anxiety and prevent you from living a life filled with inner peace.

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