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Philosophy & Vision

Medications only treat the symptoms rather than addressing the underlying causes of emotional, physical and cognitive problems that many people struggle with.  Unfortunately, there are few available alternatives to the traditional medical model that hands out pharmaceuticals first, and asks questions later.

At ABF we are dedicated to providing quality care that emphasizes treating our clients as a whole person.  In our treatment model, medication is a last resort and utilized only after other options have been fully explored.

We recognize that problems in one area of an individual’s life impact other areas, and so our philosophy is designed to integrate all aspects of functioning. We are committed to helping our clients achieve balance and harmony in every area of life by reducing stress and teaching independent self-regulation.  Our unique selection of resources combine effective traditional approaches to testing, assessment, and counseling with innovative methods of treating the brain and body that incorporate our client as an active participant in the recovery and growth process.

ABF Mind Brain Body

In today’s hectic, busy world, the keys to a peaceful and prosperous existence are:

  • the ability to manage stress caused by demands on our time and energy
  • the capacity to think quickly and clearly
  • the skills to successfully navigate personal and professional relationships
  • the motivation to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle

If you are tired of being on medication, sick of feeling frustrated or hopeless, wanting a solution to your current unproductive lifestyle, or just looking for services that will help you to reach your peak performance level in any area of life, contact us for an appointment and become what you want today!

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