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Forensic Services


ABF provides forensic legal services and expert witness testimony in two broad areas:

1. Civil / Personal Injury Cases, and
2. Criminal / Capital Cases.

Central to both of these areas is the use of leading edge qEEG brain mapping analysis, either as a stand alone assessment or in addition to a standard normative neuropsychological assessment battery.


Civil & Personal Injury Law

The assessment of head and brain injury is central to many personal injury law suits (this is especially important in automobile accident litigation). Yet standard axial imaging techniques (MRI, CT Scan, etc.) often do not reveal functional damage to the brain, only gross pathology such as midline shift or lesions. qEEG brain mapping can show function damage to the brain and is far more sensitive to such traumas as diffuse axonal injury from whiplash, which are often missed in other neurological studies. Combined with standardized neuropsychological, posttraumatic stress, and psychological functioning assessments, ABF’s forensic services can make the difference between winning and losing a case, or between a small and a significant settlement. Click the link below to view a (sanitized) sample report actually used in a civil law case in 2013.

Criminal & Capital Cases

qEEG has been successfully used as a mitigation strategy in many capital cases. Although it must be introduced carefully so as to meet evidentiary standards under the Daubert and Frye standards, qEEG-based evidence can make a significant difference in capital case outcomes. Click the link below to view an article summarizing the legal status of qEEG as an evidentiary standard. Click the next link to view a sample criminal forensic report used in a Florida case in 2012.

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