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“I have been an anxious person my entire life, and have always felt myself under siege. I’ve had my teeth capped twice because I ground them down to nubs, and I’ve never been able to relax. After being treated at ABF, I have a sense of contentment that I’ve never felt before. During one pivotal training session I actually had tears of relief on my cheeks, and I am still marveling at the sensation of peace in my life now.”

-K.B., 53 year old male

“Regular seizures plagued me for over 20 years. They interfered with my job and my social life. I wasn’t even allowed to have a driver’s license. The people at ABF were so committed to helping me even though my case was difficult, and required a lot of work on their part. In the end their efforts paid off. I have been seizure free for a year now, and can’t wait to get my driver’s license back!”

-G.K., 46 year old female

“My husband had a severe brain injury, and could barely carry on a conversation, or feed himself. He certainly couldn’t be left alone, or expected to go anywhere without guidance. After being treated at ABF, he was able to remember events and plans for days at a time and discuss them, he could verbalize when he needed to use the restroom before it was too late, and he would look people in the eye and address them appropriately. The day I dropped him off at ABF and he went in by himself, took the elevator up to the correct floor, went into the correct office and announced he was there for “to exercise his brain”, was the happiest day of my life.”

-M.B., 32 year old female, wife of a ABF client

“I had trichotillomania, a condition where I compulsively pulled my hair out. For over forty years I pulled out my eyelashes, and eyebrows and the hair on my head until I was virtually bald. It was completely humiliating to be seen in public knowing that people were staring at me. At ABF, they took a map of my brain and showed me exactly where the dysregulations were that caused my OCD behaviors. As they treated me, my compulsions begin to fade for the first time in my life. I wish I had taken before and after pictures of my hair! My dermatologist couldn’t believe it. He said this treatment wouldn’t do any good, but even he had to admit that the results were dramatic. I had a full head of hair in just a few months. I found out what color my hair was for the first time in years! Now I can go out in public and not feel embarrassed. The other day, someone even told me they loved the copper color of my hair and asked if it was natural. Thank you ABF for helping me take my life back!

-C. P., 65 year old female

“Our 12 year old son has profound autistic symptoms, and was barely verbal. We were having difficulty with his behavior becoming increasingly aggressive due to his frustration with not being able to communicate. After brain training at ABF we noticed a distinct difference in our son’s ability to access words and respond appropriately in social interactions. His anxiety and frustration decreased as he learned to process sounds and body language more easily, and now he is much happier both at home and at school. The difference between his first session when he wouldn’t look at the therapist or speak, and his later sessions when he spontaneously hugged his therapist and said good-bye without being prompted, were just amazing to us. We would recommend ABF to anyone with an autistic child.”

-F. B., 43 year old female, mother of a ABF client

“I have been absolutely thrilled with my results from ABF. I had weekly migraines as long as I could remember. I learned to work, play and be a mom even when my head hurt so badly that I wanted to curl up in a dark room for a month. I had given up hope that anything would help me. I had tried every drug, every shot, every diet, and the barely made a dent. After being treated at ABF, I have been migraine free for almost a year now, and I haven’t slowed down since!”

-L.D., 51 year old female

“My daughter was diagnosed with severe ADHD at the age of 6. We tried everything we could think of, took her off sugar, gave her more structure, had behavioral interventions, tried rewarding her, but nothing seemed to work. We really didn’t want her on drugs because of the horrible side effects. We tried medication for a while, but all it did was make her miserable and sedate her till she had no personality. ABF was recommended to us when our daughter was 10, and we tried their brain training as a last resort even though traditional therapists told us we were wasting our money. Her improvement was nothing short of miraculous. She can now sit still, repeat and follow directions, and her grades have gone from Ds and Cs to As and Bs. We tell all of our friends who don’t want to medicate their children that ABF is the place to go!

-S.L., 32 year old male, father of a ABF client

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