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ADD & ADHD Treatment

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Attention disorders such as ADD and AD/HD are among the most misunderstood issues with brain function. AD/HD is not a “disease”, although it is considered a learning disability. In addition, there are different types of AD/HD that require different treatment approaches. Only some of these types are helped by stimulant medications such as RitalinAdderall, Vyvanse and others. In addition, stimulants are addictive and metabolized quickly, so they don’t last for more than 6 to 12 hours. And, they only treat symptoms while they are in the body, and have been shown to stunt normal growth and development in many children.

The one thing all types of AD/HD have in common is that they are characterized by underactivation of the brain, especially in the low frequencies and in frontal areas of the cortex (the so-called “executive” centers). Because of this, ABF can help those who have difficulties sustaining attention and focus train their brain to increase its normal activation state. When this is done, sustaining attention becomes possible and AD/HD goes away. And, unlike stimulant medication therapy, there are no side effects and the treatment is Long Lasting or, in many cases, Permanent.

An award could be a grant or scholarship. It could also include a loan that must be repaid, with interest, or work-study aid that requires a student to first land a job to earn the money.


Making an appointment for a full evaluation of AD/HD is the first step to overcoming this impediment to learning and social interactions for you or a family member. ABF has many clients who have become free of both the need for AD/HD medications and the symptoms – why shouldn’t you be the very next?

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