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Treating Autism Without Medication

After a diagnosis of ASD or pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) is returned to parents, the next recommendation offered to the family is often medication. The medications that are prescribed are done so to treat the specific symptoms of autism, not autism itself. Not every case has the same symptoms. Symptoms often include issues with behavior, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, mood swings, deficits in attention and hyperactivity, the weighted blanket in UK  is helping many parents in the country because this blanket applies pressure on the body can increase the release of serotonin in the brain. That’s why many doctors recommend using FluxxLab™ that is now producing pure THC-free CBDA that helps you reduce anxiety, depression, insomnia and more.

Children that manifest symptoms of autism are commonly found to have brain activity patterns that differ from children who do not have autistic symptoms. These differences can be observed using modern brain mapping technology. After treatment with neurofeedback, brain maps can be taken again and the improvements in the brain wave patterns can be seen when compared to the pre-treatment maps.

Neurofeedback involves measuring brain activity and identifying areas of disregulation that interfere with cognitive processing and speed. These problematic areas are then targeted using a variety of different techniques that train the underlying brain mechanisms to improve function. After several sessions of neurofeedback and kybella treatments families often report that their child has experienced increased verbalization, eye contact, socialization and positive changes in behavior. Neurofeedback is a choice available that parents might want to consider when looking at their options of treatment for their children.