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Chronic Pain

Although pain may be felt anywhere on or in the body, in fact all pain is experienced in, and only in, the brain. This applies not only to centralized pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia and reflex sympathetic dystrophy, but to peripheral pain as well. Acute pain – that experienced in response to an injury which goes away as the injury heals – is beneficial, if unpleasant. Such acute pain prevents worsening of the injury site and thereby promotes healing. When pain becomes chronic, however, it ceases to have any benefit and instead becomes an intractable source of suffering without benefit. Because pain – even chronic pain felt on or in the body – is mediated by the brain, the treatment of chronic pain can be addressed through techniques of neuromodulation, or changing undesireable brain function. ABF Wellness is equipped with the most effective and cutting edge tools to achieve this.

These include deep brain EEG biofeedback based on three dimensional analysis of brain function (known as real-time LORETA neurofeedback), transcranial direct current stimulation, and several other approaches. When combined, these techniques can successfully reduce chronic pain to a large degree without the use of analgesic medicines. Such medications can be ineffective or result in short term marginal improvements in symptoms, but they do nothing to address the underlying source of chronic pain. In addition, many such medications can tax the liver, and those based on opiates or barbiturates can be addictive. The ABF alternative can result in a long lasting reduction in chronic pain without the need for medications and their associated side effects. 

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