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Photonic Stimulator

photonic stimulator is a device that emits infrared light.  Infrared light has been used for decades to treat and relieve some types of pain, to promote healing after mechanical and burn trauma, as well as to treat arthritic conditions. Although this particular device is not yet FDA registered, the FDA has registered similar devices as Class 2 medical devices, which are held to a performance standard, rather than to an efficacy standard.  In other words, it has to work as it’s advertised, that is, it must reliably generate infrared.

It is, in essence, a flashlight that shines light that cannot be seen.  Beyond its application to pain and wounds, it has direct impact on the work done with neurofeedback in its ability to temporarily block sympathetic nervous system activity. There are several advantages as we use the photonic stimulators to help teach the body to become more adaptive, and less shut down in its responses.  Pain decreases.  Thus, we have more energy simply because we have less pain.  We are much less exhausted because of pain.  We can think more easily, logically, and reasonably.  We have less depression, and more mobility.  We are less irritable.  Those who are primarily non-verbal have a much easier time, and carry much less anger.  Those who are extremely sensitive and who have tics and seizures will find temporary but rapid decreases in their seizure thresholds.  This makes it a lot easier for neurofeedback to work successfully, and brings breaks in these problems that support hopefulness.  The photonic stimulation is, in itself, reasonably weak, neutral stimulation that can be easily controlled.  As such, it is an ideal way to begin the desensitization of highly sensitive people who tend to over-react to stimulation, and thus prepare them for neurofeedback.  It can also be used as a brain stimulus, especially in the front of the head, to help temporarily reduce mental fog, as well as to abort migraines.  This, again, helps neurofeedback to work more easily.

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