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Proper Assessment Insures the Best Treatment

The key to any successful program is proper assessment and diagnosis. Multi-modal neurotherapy has been growing in popularity, and ABF Wellness is the largest provider of this non-invasive, state of the art, medication free treatment, in the Tampa Bay area. This type of treatment uses qEEG, an intricate way to look at your brain’s function, as the initial step in assessment. Sensors are placed on the scalp to measure brain waves, and the captured data is compared to a normative population, which aids in identifying areas of impairment that may interfere with cognitive processing speed and with emotional and social functioning. A trained practitioner can see known markers for various brain-based disorders, such as AD/HD, autism, depression, anxiety and even chronic pain. This data, along with other neuropsychological tests, also gives the practitioner a basis on which to make an educated and accurate diagnosis, which results in more effective treatment protocols. ABF Wellness has a very high success rate in treating all of these disorders because the qEEG, along with client feedback, is used as a guide for posture brace implement. It is always recommended that before starting any form of treatment, the client research and make sure their practitioner is certified in their field.

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