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Prescription drugs are the 4th leading cause of death in America. (1) People know this to be true, they know it to be appalling, but it’s still seen as incomprehensible and absurd. How could medicine hurt so many people? We all know that side-effects happen, but they are thought to be rare. They must be rare, right? We all know some good, kind, generous, thoughtful doctors who want nothing more for their patients than health and happiness, so they certainly aren’t giving their patients drugs that hurt them, are they? We know that the FDA is a federal bureaucracy, so it must be too restrictive of the pharmaceutical industry, right? And the FDA is supposed to protect consumers, so we’re as safe as we can…

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After a diagnosis of ASD or pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) is returned to parents, the next recommendation offered to the family is often medication. The medications that are prescribed are done so to treat the specific symptoms of autism, not autism itself. Not every case has the same symptoms. Symptoms often include issues with behavior, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive tendencies, mood swings, deficits in attention and hyperactivity. Children that manifest symptoms of autism are commonly found to have brain activity patterns that differ from children who do not have autistic symptoms. These differences can be observed using modern brain mapping technology. After treatment with neurofeedback, brain maps can be taken again and the improvements in the brain wave patterns can be seen when compared to the pre-treatment…

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When mentally or emotionally stressed people tend to either hold their breath, or breathe using the abdomen and the chest. This creates physical tension and pain that reinforces our mental and emotional stress, and reduces the amount of oxygen that is available to the brain due to more shallow breathing. Because the brain prioritizes lower brain structures necessary for survival, the frontal lobes which are in charge of executive functioning are the first parts of the brain to be deprived of oxygen. As a result, in stressful situations where we need all of our resources to make good decisions, the front of our brain is offline and we behave inappropriately or make poor decisions. Diaphragmatic breathing when under stress helps to optimize brain function. A…

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An optimally functioning brain is a well hydrated brain. A brain that does not get enough water will have difficulty executing tasks because the fluid in our nerves thickens when dehydrated. This sluggish communication flow results in poor concentration, slow processing speed, and memory problems. Most popular beverages such as coffee, sodas, or energy drinks are full of sugar and caffeine that dehydrate the brain and body causing a “crash” of fatigue and irritability. On average, every adult needs 8 full glasses of water a day to meet minimal requirements for physical and mental functioning. So when you feel tired, cranky, and have difficulty focusing put down that caffeine-filled sugar drink and choose a cold refreshing glass of ice water. Hydration Tips: Drink water consistently…

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Many children with an attention disorder also exhibit poor behavior. Why is this common? Children who have difficulties maintaining attention may regularly self-stimulate in ways, which are disruptive to others.In the classroom this behavior is presented as distracting to other children and often is frustrating to teachers. Although negative attention is given to a child when he or she misbehaves, the child is still rewarded with attention.Additionally, the child misbehaves because they might think he or she will get their way. All to often, this mechanism of reward is successful for the child and the child’s teachers, parents and caregivers reinforce the cycle of poor behavior. So how does this cycle of poor behavior get interrupted? The child’s parents, teachers and caregivers need to form…

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What do we know about Depression? Individuals who show symptoms of depression may compensate by eating or sleeping a lot, or the opposite. The person might withdraw from friends and family and from activities they once enjoyed. It is estimated that approximately two-thirds of people who suffer from depression do not seek out the necessary treatment. Often, when depression goes untreated, there is an increased risk for heart disease, substance abuse, and suicide. Current technological advances in brain imaging have shown researchers that individuals who suffer from depression have brains that look and function differently from individuals who are neurotypical, or are symptom free. ABF Wellness uses qEEG to map a client’s brain wave activity and compare it to a normative population to find disregulations….

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Common symptoms of stress are anxiety attacks, appetite changes, irregular sleep patterns and high blood pressure. At first glance, most of us typically manage our issues by using over the counter or prescribed medication, or simply just ignoring them. When chronic stress is left improperly treated or ignored more severe problems arise such as migraines, heart disease, unhealthy changes in weight, intestinal problems, and even an increase in physical signs such as wrinkles and age marks. Of course poor stress management doesn’t just affect our physical bodies, our mental health is strongly affected and can be displayed as changes in our cognitive functioning abilities and our ability to appropriately interact with others.

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The key to any successful program is proper assessment and diagnosis. Multi-modal neurotherapy has been growing in popularity, and ABF Wellness is the largest provider of this non-invasive, state of the art, medication free treatment, in the Tampa Bay area. This type of treatment uses qEEG, an intricate way to look at your brain’s function, as the initial step in assessment. Sensors are placed on the scalp to measure brain waves, and the captured data is compared to a normative population, which aids in identifying areas of impairment that may interfere with cognitive processing speed and with emotional and social functioning. A trained practitioner can see known markers for various brain-based disorders, such as AD/HD, autism, depression, anxiety and even chronic pain. This data, along…

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What if you can do neither of these? Stress is a consequence of the brain’s failure to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats (actual or imagined). The body then goes into a state of alarm, which is initiated by adrenaline production and ultimately creates a short-term resistance to the stimulus as a coping mechanism. As a result of the production of these hormones, common stress symptoms can include irritability, tension, inability to concentrate, headaches and elevated heart rate. When stress is prolonged, or becomes chronic, more severe reactions such as panic attacks and/or psychological trauma, complete physical exhaustion and disease can occur by the over-production of stress hormones. It is important to recognize the symptoms of both acute and chronic stress and then identify…