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What if you can do neither of these? Stress is a consequence of the brain’s failure to respond appropriately to emotional or physical threats (actual or imagined). The body then goes into a state of alarm, which is initiated by adrenaline production and ultimately creates a short-term resistance to the stimulus as a coping mechanism….

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Neurotherapy is a way to change brain waves that are deviant from a normative population. Some modalities that facilitate this are often stimulating to the client and/or can be fatiguing to the client because of the participation that is needed from the individual to achieve rewards in the session. Therefore, some clients may experience temporary…

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“My daughter was diagnosed with severe ADHD at the age of 6. We tried everything we could think of, took her off sugar, gave her more structure, had behavioral interventions, tried rewarding her, but nothing seemed to work. We really didn’t want her on drugs because of the horrible side effects. We tried medication for a while,…

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“Our 12 year old son has profound autistic symptoms, and was barely verbal. We were having difficulty with his behavior becoming increasingly aggressive due to his frustration with not being able to communicate. After brain training at ABF we noticed a distinct difference in our son’s ability to access words and respond appropriately in social interactions….

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“My husband had a severe brain injury, and could barely carry on a conversation, or feed himself. He certainly couldn’t be left alone, or expected to go anywhere without guidance. After being treated at ABF, he was able to remember events and plans for days at a time and discuss them, he could verbalize when he…