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A new treatment for psychiatric disorders like depression and anxiety uses real-time scans to show patients how their brains go awry—and how to fix the dysfunction. The treatment is called neurofeedback. There is an urgent need for new approaches for psychiatric disorders, particularly depression. Almost 17% of Americans will suffer from major depression during their…

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When mentally or emotionally stressed people tend to either hold their breath, or breathe using the abdomen and the chest. This creates physical tension and pain that reinforces our mental and emotional stress, and reduces the amount of oxygen that is available to the brain due to more shallow breathing. Because the brain prioritizes lower…

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An optimally functioning brain is a well hydrated brain. A brain that does not get enough water will have difficulty executing tasks because the fluid in our nerves thickens when dehydrated. This sluggish communication flow results in poor concentration, slow processing speed, and memory problems. Most popular beverages such as coffee, sodas, or energy drinks…

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Many children with an attention disorder also exhibit poor behavior. Why is this common? Children who have difficulties maintaining attention may regularly self-stimulate in ways, which are disruptive to others.In the classroom this behavior is presented as distracting to other children and often is frustrating to teachers. Although negative attention is given to a child…

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What do we know about Depression? Individuals who show symptoms of depression may compensate by eating or sleeping a lot, or the opposite. The person might withdraw from friends and family and from activities they once enjoyed. It is estimated that approximately two-thirds of people who suffer from depression do not seek out the necessary…

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Common symptoms of stress are anxiety attacks, appetite changes, irregular sleep patterns and high blood pressure. At first glance, most of us typically manage our issues by using over the counter or prescribed medication, or simply just ignoring them. When chronic stress is left improperly treated or ignored more severe problems arise such as migraines,…